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vodka is wicked

2009-12-21 22:59:31 by LTmatt


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2009-12-22 00:10:12

I lol'd so hard.
Love being Russian.



2010-01-03 10:13:31

Lol, man the title of this song isn't Vodka is Wicked. It's about Guboshliop (%u0413%u0443%u0431%u043E%u0448%u043B %u0435%u043F), who as Sergey Shnurov (the man with guitar) says, he was number one king of hip hop. You guys in america pretty much suck Russia's balls, think they're cool, but don't even understand their language or a fucking song.

LTmatt responds:

Yeah, I'm such an ignorant American because I didn't bother to learn an entire fucking language just so I can laugh at a video on youtube.

Fuck off, you elitist shit.
And fuck your misplaced eurocunt pride and false superiority. Ugh. I don't think my country is better than yours, why do you obnoxious cuntfucks always have to project this bullshit on Americans?


2010-03-02 23:13:13

YOUR A fucking retard. I'm sorry that your thinking range is so short that it cannot reach points and facts.


2010-03-28 15:00:35

Because you deserve it.