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so today at lunch

2008-10-23 19:57:42 by LTmatt

there's this disabled kid named kevin. i don't know what's really wrong with him, other than that he talks like a retard with a dick in his mouth.

so he had a little envelope with some money in it, for lunch. me and the other kids at the table were bored out of our fucking minds, so we held the little envelope up to the light to see what was in it, a check or some shit.

so this kid james eventually finds out it's a check, and then we all kept repeating that.

"kevin, it's a check! it's a check!"
"it's a check!"
"no matt, it's a check!"

and then about a minute in, kevin started crying.

fucked up shit, huh?

new snes!

2008-10-01 20:17:12 by LTmatt

that came with super mario world and super mario allstars.
and i'm getting yoshis island from my friend in a few days, too.

any recommended games? btw, no rpgs.

ill post pics when i feel like it.

here they are, and not neutered by newgrounds's shitty resizingness

Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Island back
SNES games
SNES w/ SMAllstars onscreen
SNES w/ Mario World onscreen
SMAllstars cartridge
other stuff
Super Game Boy
Super Game Boy w/ Super Mario Land 2
Super Game Boy Manuel
Super Mario Land 2

guys, i just got a super gameboy with super mario land 2 from some dude's garage sale for like 10 bucks.
sml2 is actually pretty bad, turns out pseudo-8-bit gameboy games other than tetris haven't aged well.

i'll post pics once i get my camera back

BBM for faggot nazi mod 08

2008-09-29 17:58:39 by LTmatt

You know what I fucking hate? When stupid shits fucking over analyze shitty fucking songs from shitty fucking indie bands about their shitty fucking life. Jesus fucking christ, just because the bassline is in an irregular signature does not mean the song is about death and the apocalypse.
Fucking stupid shits.

Most of the time, someone's giving their shitty fucking two cents on the front page about some shitty fucking song from some shitty fucking indie band on there.

BBM for faggot nazi mod 08


2008-09-25 21:58:53 by LTmatt

People played violin as the Titanic sank. Tomorrow, they will play Green Day songs with plastic keytars as their Hoovervilles burn.


2008-08-15 17:51:17 by LTmatt



Revisiting some older PS2 games........

2008-07-24 16:28:00 by LTmatt

So yeah, I was at an EB games the other day with my friend, and I saw Ratchet & Clank 1 bundled with Going Commando for about $14.99, and then I fondly remembered how fun that was, back in 2002 or whenever. So I picked it up to see if it still held up by today's standards, and it really does. It's still as fun as it always was, being a damn fine platformer. The graphics are pretty good for an early PS2 game, and would still hold up now. The music is that usual Insomniac-style kind of happy-go-lucky stuff that is in every one of their games, lots of 7th chords and such. The only bad thing about the game so far are the controls, which are kind of good, but are not configurable. And the game runs pretty bad on PS3, so whenever the screen is getting buttfucked by enemies, the framerate chugs, which isn't that often, thankfully. I haven't finished it yet, but whatever. I'll do another shitty write-up about the second game after I play that.

EDIT: K, I popped in the second one a few days ago, and as usual, it's pretty bad. Framerate issues left and right, looks like shit on my 40 INCH 1080I HDTV THANK YOU VERY MUCH (but thankfully it has an option for output in progressive mode), but, you know, I was determined to play it, so I just got used to it. It was pretty fun until the part on Maktar after the battle arena where you have to do that electrolizer puzzle thingy, in which the whole game freezes up. I tried restarting and everything but it just wouldn't work. I know it's probably how the PS3 is reading the disc or whatever, and isn't related to if the disk is scratched or anything, but I'm going to try to rent it and swap the discs, and see if that works. The game was still pretty fun, btw. Just making that clear.

Now, for the third one. Framerate and janking issues are still the same, but thankfully there aren't any game-crushing bugs that prevent me from playing completely. The game itself is still probably one of my favorite PS2 games ever, and is the second best in the Ratchet trilogy in my opinion (the best being Going Commando). It's also probably the most open R&C game to date, with the SP system and everything. Anyway, I'm still having fun with it, so yeah.

Also, does any find the Rick Roll song really catchy?

Revisiting some older PS2 games........

So yeah, I went through MGS4 without killing anyone, on normal. It was kind of hard, loading through saves constantly and all. Anyway, I have every gun in the game now (except Patriot, Thor, and Model 17), including the Tangeshima along with the bandanna and stealth technology.



You now refer to the title of "Pidgeon"

Koji Igarshi.

2008-06-09 23:04:55 by LTmatt


Koji Igarshi.

Progress Quest.......

2008-05-06 21:30:57 by LTmatt

More immersive than Oblivion?

Progress Quest.......

Definition of "nintendonauts"

2008-04-24 14:43:41 by LTmatt

I use this term a lot, and often get questioned on it. It's a Nintendo fanboy taken to the extreme. They browse forums and flame anyone saying anything negative about the platform or anything about it. Any new "innovation" on a Nintendo system or game is praised to great extent by these people. Want proof? Look up old pages of NOA forum posters saying how phenomenal all this shitty glorified gamecube hardware is. Take a look at the top 10 games of any Newgrounds forum regular. Most of the time, at least 50% of that list is filled up with Nintendo properties. I know Nintendo makes great stuff, but it's always overrated to the max. I'm not saying that all Nintendo fans are retards, but all retards are, indeed, Nintendo fans.

Definition of "nintendonauts"